Friday, May 8, 2009


Thought it was about time to get a blog so I have something to do other than daydream about climbing. I plan on keeping this as up to date as possible & post vids & pics to keep it from being lame. 

Anyways... After two months of pulling down plastic due to saturday school, work, & the horrible weather Im ready to head outside, rain or shine. Nick Williams & I are headed to Rocktown, GA tomorrow and the plan is to make a full assault on The Womb (V10/11). Hopefully it will be dry enough to attempt a send. I haven't tried it yet but the video on Jon Glassberg's blog of Nate Draughn sending it makes it look really fun!

On a more artistic note, The Full Moon Film Festival is tomorrow night and I have high hopes for my movie Aggrestic so we'll see how it goes. Its a high school film competition and Im the first one to submit a sports video (anyone wanna guess what its about?) Well, it did have to relate to American History so I chose the history of sport climbing which should be more entertaining than listening to some old dude ramble on about how Stratford High is poor...ok ok Im done complaining for today but be on the lookout for a new vid tomorrow from Rocktown


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