Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Day...

So I woke up to the awful sound of my alarm this morning at 5:45 am and my first thought was, "time to go climbing!" After gathering all my gear and loading up the car I met Nick at the gym and we prayed to the rain gods to hold off, but of course we ran into a torrential downpour about 10 minutes before we got to Rocktown. (We also turned too early creating an hour long detour...go figure) Anyways, once we got there we waded through what used to be a trail and is now a swamp, thanks to the rain, and to our disappointment pretty much everything was soaked, including The Womb. BUT a classic V8 to the right of it was dry except for the slopey topout. The aptly named, "Vagina" went down relatively quickly and didn't feel too hard even with greasy holds & puddles on top of it (not joking about the puddles...I splashed Nick with one). Nick got on The Island of Beautiful Women & Nose Candy but no sends today...he'll get them once they dry out. After we got back to Nashville, I headed over to the Full Moon Film Festival and ended up winning "Best Sports/Action Cinematography" & got a flip ultra video camera which is a neat and virtually idiot proof gadget which will be fun to mess around with. Work is going to be an all day thing tomorrow but hopefully I'll get some training in this week & maybe get back outside next weekend

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  1. Chris,
    Congratulations on your Full Moon win! Strap that Flip camera to a helmet, your body, or a mountain bike and see what happens!
    p.s. cool blog
    - Mr. Rozario