Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Chattanooga Triiiickk!!!

So as most of you know I'm in Chattanooga for the week and I plan on doing as much bouldering as I can while I'm here. Today turned out to be pretty interesting starting with the drive down which involved me doing an Irish Dance with a total stranger at the BP in Monteagle. The gas station was blaring Irish music even though St. Patty's Day isn't until Wednesday but whatever, I just work with what I'm given. After that I went to the Cumberland/Pep Boys Boulderfield (name is currently being disputed by the powers that be) and dispatched 7/11 (V10) with the quickness. Afterwards I worked out all the moves on Gross' Roof (V11) but no send today. Shortly after that Nick & Kit showed up and we worked Big Gulp (V11), Salo's Roof (V9/5.13c), and Kit repeated my problem "Huckleberry Finn." We both agree that this direct line flows a little bit better than the original jug start and adds enough to the V6 to bump it to V7. So honestly I'm not 100% on this yet but the plan for the week so far looks like: Tues = 1/2 day at LRC, Wed = LRC??, Thurs = Dayton, Fri = Rocktown, Sat = ???/home. Hopefully I'll find some more people to climb with while Audrey is in class. If you're in Chatty and wanna get out hit me up!!!

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