Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lactic Acid Bath...

Hello children! Going back to school after an awesome spring break was of course depressing but got me in the mood to climb routes for some reason. I've been training my endurance this past week and I'm actually starting to see some improvement. I went to Tierrany at the Obed yesterday with Audrey, Josh, Amanda, and Christian to try to remember how to climb for more than 10 moves at a time, ha! We warmed up on Huecool Junior 5.10d then I jumped on Jungle Jane 5.12a & sent 2nd go after figuring out the beta on my first attempt. All I can say is that the routes at Tierrany are loooonnnggg! Definitely worth the hike though (its about 45 mins to get there once you park...) This coming weekend is looking like a trip to the Red with Max Marlowe as long as I can re-arrange my work schedule. In the meantime, here's a video of Max on the route I want to project at the Red. It's called "Ultra Perm" 5.13d & is an absolutely gorgeous line with awesome movement..

Max Marlowe - Ultra Perm from Sean Stewart on Vimeo.

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